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“Come Enjoy Our Beautiful Home!"
Toucan Villas is owned
maintained by Luky & Pepe
Luky & Pepe Toucan Villas Owners

Steeped in history and family tradition, Toucan Villas land has been a cherished part of our family for generations, passed down through the hands of our ancestors. The story begins with Pepe's grandfather, a devoted cattle rancher who lovingly tended to this very soil. Over the years, the deep roots of our family's connection to this land have grown stronger, forging a bond that we are honored to share with you, our esteemed guest. We invite you to become a part of our journey.


Our commitment to providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere is unwavering. At Toucan Villas, our dedicated family, Pepe and Luky, are ever-present on the property, diligently working to ensure that your visit is nothing short of beautiful and comfortable. For us, this land is more than just a place of business; it is an extension of our family. It has been our life's work to maintain the lush coffee and banana plantation that envelops our property.


Recently, we have expanded our offerings, adding apartments to our property that make the most of the breathtaking views bestowed upon us by nature. We are thrilled to share our modest project with individuals like you who possess a deep appreciation for the enchanting wonders of Monteverde. Welcome and may your journey with us be an unforgettable one.



Toucan Villas: Where Tradition and Nature Unite

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